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White Papers


AssureBuy’s assembly of White Papers (below in .pdf format) are documents written by experts within the industry and academia that offer various perspectives, overviews, historical contexts, researched analyses -- and even advice -- pertinent to e-commerce and related trades.

  • Merchant Account Basics

    AUTHOR: Jeffrey L. Punzel
    PURPOSE: This paper is an informational guide that presents general information for merchants considering the possibility of accepting credit cards in their businesses. The paper does not suggest a single company or individual solution for merchants, but rather recommends key criteria for selecting a merchant account provider.

  • On-Line Invoicing: The 10 Most Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

    AUTHOR: Jeffrey L. Punzel
    PURPOSE: This paper offers information on the common pitfalls of Online Invoicing and Payments and how to avoid them.

  • Five Tools You Can Use to Prevent Fraud

    AUTHOR: Julie Fergerson
    PURPOSE: This paper discusses tools that can help protect merchants from fraud.

  • E-Commerce Opportunities for State & Local Municipalities

    AUTHORS: Sonja Schwappach, Mike Foster, Jeffrey L. Punzel
    PURPOSE: For state and local municipalities, this paper presents e-commerce opportunities and techniques for developing strategic plans that incorporate Internet technologies. The paper considers commercial transactions that involve payments between business or individual constituents and the municipality, and especially the outsourcing of certain e-commerce activities that result in taxpayer savings.

  • Profiting From On-Line Services: How Association Increase Revenues and Services with the Internet

    AUTHOR: Bryan Frischer
    PURPOSE: By providing a fresh market perspective, the author confronts the argument that revenue-generating services on a website are too complex and costly by outlining how new web-based technologies can provide effective and economical solutions to familiar e-commerce problems.

  • International Business and the Internet

    AUTHOR: Jeffrey L. Punzel
    PURPOSE: This paper examines questions and problems associated with Internet sales and marketing strategies on the international level. The author offers strategies that will aid companies and individuals in avoiding Internet pitfalls and making an online sales and marketing programs successful.

  • A Global Market Perspective

    AUTHOR: Dr. James C. Zoda
    PURPOSE: In this brief outline, Dr. Zoda reports on the global market trends that have been affected or instigated by world events, indicating that in an increasingly competitive global market, firms must adopt a global, rather than a purely domestic, perspective.