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Web Interface for Payment Processing

Are you looking for an automated way to transfer order and payment information from your web site into your Microsoft Dynamics GP application?

Assurebuy Payment Processing for Microsoft Dynamics GP The Web Order Interface is an add-on product to the AssureBuy Payment Processing application for Microsoft Dynamics GP. The interface allows users to automatically retrieve and import order and payment data into the Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing module from the AssureBuy Payment Gateway.

Assurebuy Payment Processing for Microsoft Dynamics GP Using this application, a Microsoft Dynamics GP user would be able to authorize payment transactions in real-time from a remote web site, and then automatically import the order information and/or the payment transactions back into the Microsoft Dynamics GP application. The web order interface features are available for a single Sales Order document or can be accessed in batch mode, retrieving data for multiple Sales Orders.


The Web Order Interface for AssureBuy Payment Processing is a Dexterity-based add-on module that installs easily on any workstation running Microsoft Dynamics GP. The module supports all of the major database types, including Microsoft SQL Server.

The Web Order Interface and AssureBuy Payment Processing applications use AssureBuy's Visa PCI Certified payment gateway. The AssureBuy Payment Gateway is a service that operates remotely on dedicated servers in a secure AssureBuy Data Center.

Here is a brief summary of how these applications work:

System Requirements

  • The Web Order Interface can be installed and run on any workstation using Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, Windows 2000, or XP. At least one workstation must have an Internet connection. It is suggested that all workstations using the payment processing application have access to the Internet.
  • You will need to have both the Microsoft Dynamics GP application and the AssureBuy Payment Processing add-on installed and running.

Setup and Integration

  • Purchase the AssureBuy Payment Processing application with the Web Order Interface add-on.
  • Download the AssureBuy Payment Processing for Microsoft Dynamics GP installation exe and follow the easy setup instructions in the included README file or add the updated license key information if the AssureBuy Payment Processing application is already installed.
  • Update the settings in the AssureBuy Payment Processing configuration settings screen.
  • You will need to obtain the expertise, either internally or from a third-party such as your web developer, necessary to integrate your web site or application to the AssureBuy Payment Gateway. View the list of our Web Developer Partners if you need help.


  • Test your web site and application using the AssureBuy Payment Gateway test environment.
  • Your dedicated AssureBuy account manager will configure the AssureBuy Payment Gateway to work with your specific merchant services provider and test the connection to verify that transactions are being processed correctly.
  • Perform a live transaction on each payment type you will be using and verify that the funds are deposited correctly into your business account.

Processing Your Payments

  • The AssureBuy Payment Processing application seamlessly integrates with your existing Microsoft Dynamics GP system.
  • The payment information is encrypted and sent to the AssureBuy Payment Gateway for processing. The payment gateway checks the transaction for fraud, determines which processing network is required to authorize the transaction and routes the information accordingly. The response from the processing networks is re-encoded and returned to the Microsoft Dynamics GP application. The whole process typically takes under a second.
  • Your Microsoft Dynamics GP system will import the order and/or transaction information directly from the AssureBuy Payment Gateway and either create orders and payment records in Microsoft Dynamics GP or attach payments to existing orders.
  • Periodically, usually once per day, the AssureBuy Payment Gateway will forward all of the approved payment transactions to the appropriate network for settlement. The funds will usually show up in your business account within 48 to 72 hours, depending on the terms of your merchant processing agreement.

Reviewing the Transactions

  • All transaction information is available in real-time by accessing the AssureBuy Web-Based Administration System. Using this interface, designated users from your business can review payment transactions, review settlements, perform searches, and download payment information for import or analysis.

In Case of Trouble

  • AssureBuy provides a robust set of support tools and employs a highly trained staff of payment processing experts available to assist you by e-mail or telephone. See our Support Center for additional information.
  • Includes an easy-to-use installation wizard.
  • Supports high volume processing requirements; above 35,000 transactions per hour from 50 concurrent users.
  • The AssureBuy Payment Gateway has historical average availability of greater than 99.9%.
  • AssureBuy is one of only a select group of Visa certified PCI compliant payment gateways.
  • Supports AVS (Address Verification Service).
  • Supports CVV2/CVC2/CID (Card Verification Value).
  • Support for Level 2 and Level 3 line item detail for purchasing cards, corporate cards, and government cards is included at no additional charge. (This processing is not supported on all processing networks.)
  • Provides industry leading risk management and fraud prevention options.
  • Encrypts all credit card numbers in the Microsoft Dynamics GP database, with no "hand-off" to third parties.
  • The service is capable of processing all major payment types, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, JCB, Debit Cards, and ACH (electronic check) transactions.
  • Processes credit card returns.
  • Supports authorization, capture and sales transactions.
  • Integrates easily with web-based ordering systems.
  • Allows automatic capture of transactions during batch processing.
  • Allows manual entry of approval information.
  • Handles expired authorizations automatically.
  • Supports multiple merchant accounts for each company.
  • Supports authorization in multiple currencies with settlement in US Dollars. (This service is not supported on all processing networks.)
  • Provides a single contact point for both payment processing and payment gateway issues.
  • E-mail support and telephone support during normal business hours is included at no charge.

For pricing information, call 1.800.684.4621 (United States) or +1.630.300.2374 (Outside the United States).

  1. Sign Up by calling 1.800.684.4621 (United States) or +1.630.300.2374 (Outside the United States)
  2. Download the AssureBuy Payment Processing for Microsoft Dynamics GP installation exe and follow the integration instructions or update your license key information in the configuration settings of your existing AssureBuy Payment Processing application.
  3. Run your test transactions to verify your integration has been completed properly.
  4. Begin processing live transactions and use the AssureBuy Web-Based Administration System to review and search in real-time.
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