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View N Pay

A Paper Invoice Can Cost You An Average of $14.37 Or More!

Everyone sends out invoices but rarely thinks about what is involved or how much it costs. In these very competitive times, the search for more profits will come from moving cash faster and reducing capital requirements. There are hidden profits in your company's Billing Department.

Here's what a recent Gartner Group study had to say about the costs of printing, mailing and processing paper invoices and checks:

Invoice Data Preparation $2.10
Printing & Mailing the Envelope $3.00
Postage $0.39
Payment Reminder Call $5.00
Processing the payment $3.90

On-Line Invoicing & Payment Can Save You From $7 To $10 Per Invoice
On-Line Invoicing is the fastest growing of all web applications and is projected to increase by 620% over the next five years! Moving your invoices and payments to View N PayTM is an easy and fast process. Businesses looking for a competitive edge are spending huge sums on CRM. By implementing View N PayTM your customer service levels will improve dramatically without spending more money.

Here's what happens when you move your invoices on-line with View N PayTM:
  • Invoice Data Is Automatically Uploaded to View N PayTM
  • Paper Processing is Eliminated
  • Mail Preparation is Eliminated
  • Postage Is Eliminated
  • Customers can Review their Accounts On-Line 24x7
  • Manual Check Handling Is Eliminated
It is vitally important that your On-Line Invoicing and Payment system also has the capability to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. View N PayTM has been designed with an architecture that assures a smooth and easy installation leading to a fast ROI. This rapid installation will enable you to place a greater emphasis on marketing to your customers, leading to accelerated customer adoption of your On-Line Invoicing and Payment service and its resulting cost-savings.

Take A Look At The Savings You Can Generate With View N PayTM

Invoices Per Month Savings Per Month ($7 per Invoice) Potential Annual Savings
500 $3,500 $42,000
1,000 $7,000 $84,000
5,000 $35,000 $420,000
20,000 $140,000 $1,680,000
50,000 $350,000 $4,200,000

Frankly, it's not too difficult to move paper invoicing to On-Line presentment, there are a number of companies that can do that. However, it takes a unique product and a company with many years of payment processing experience to integrate all the many parts of the system and solve problems such as:
  • Promoting the Critical area of Customer Adoption
  • Provide an Integrated Non-3rd Party Payment Processing System
  • Be Able to Install the System Within Days of Approval
  • Compliance with Complex Annual Federal Security Audit Requirements

At AssureBuy, we do all these things and more!

To find out more about On-Line Invoicing and Payment and learn how you can generate these impressive savings, view our FREE Report "On-Line Invoicing: The 10 Most Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them" or call 800-684-4621 today to schedule a FREE View N PayTM on-line demonstration from the comfort of your own office.


View N PayTM is a fully hosted and managed service for on-line invoice presentment and payment. It operates remotely on dedicated servers in a secure AssureBuy Data Center so there is no software that needs to be installed, configured or maintained at your business location.

Using View N PayTM, businesses can eliminate paper invoices and check processing by allowing customers to easily and conveniently view, manage and pay invoices on-line with credit cards, debit cards, purchasing cards or electronic checks. The View N PayTM service addresses each of the four key components of an EBPP/EIPP implementation, including:

  • Initiating the Service
  • Presenting the Bill or Invoice
  • Paying the Bill or Invoice
  • Serving Other Customer Related Service Functions
Unlike most on-line invoice presentment and payment offerings, View N PayTM offers a single-source, fully integrated payment processing solution for credit card, debit card, procurement card and ACH (electronic check) transactions. Data integrity, security and privacy is Visa PCI Certified and backed by AssureBuy's years of high-speed, high-volume payment processing expertise. Benefits to the biller include cost savings, improved cash flow, enhanced customer service and improved efficiency. Benefits to the payer include reduced cost of postage and checks, convenience, and simplified payment.

System Requirements

  • You will need to obtain a credit card merchant account capable of processing the types of transactions appropriate for your business. Learn More about merchant accounts by reading our FREE White Paper: Merchant Account Basics or Contact Us and we'll assist you in selecting a new merchant services provider.
  • You will need to supply us with a link to your existing business web site and a copy of your regular invoice.

Setup and Integration

  • Sign Up for your View N PayTM account.
  • An AssureBuy account manager will assist you in linking your site to the View N PayTM system. Or, if you have purchased the Platinum version, AssureBuy will configure the View N PayTM system to seamlessly integrate with your existing web site.


  • Test your View N PayTM system using the AssureBuy test environment.
  • Review the e-mail messages being sent by the system and the format of the displayed invoice.
  • Your dedicated AssureBuy account manager will configure the View N PayTM service to work with your specific merchant services provider and test the connection to verify that transactions are being processed correctly.
  • Perform a live transaction on each payment type you will be using and verify that the funds are deposited correctly into your business account.

Processing Your Payments

View N Pay Process
  • Invoice data is sent to the View N PayTM system by either uploading a file of invoice information or by using a real-time link to send invoices one at a time. Invoice data is sent in either ASCII delimited or XML-based format.
  • The View N PayTM system stores the invoice and automatically sends an electronic message to the customer.
  • The customer logs in to the View N PayTM system by entering a unique ID and Password that is verified against the customer account information provided when the account was first created.
  • After logging in, customers can view new invoices, review a history of invoices and payments, change account information, search previous invoices, dispute invoices, and set up and maintain payment profiles.
  • Depending on the customer's preference, an invoice can be paid manually after logging in, can be paid automatically when received by the system, or can be paid with default settings after a certain period of time has passed.
  • After a payment is made using View N PayTM, an electronic payment receipt is sent directly to the customer and the payment information is sent to the biller for processing by an Accounting system.

Reviewing the Transactions

  • All transaction and payment information is available in real-time by accessing the AssureBuy Web-Based Administration System. Using this interface, designated users from your business can review payment transactions, review settlements, perform searches, and download payment information for import or analysis.

In Case of Trouble

  • AssureBuy provides a robust set of support tools and employs a highly trained staff of payment processing experts available to assist you by e-mail or telephone. See our Support Center for additional information.


Easy Integration - All that is required is a simple HTML link to the View N PayTM system from your business web site. There is no need to purchase your own SSL certificate.

Customized Interface - The View N PayTM system can be customized to seamlessly integrate with an existing business web site (Platinum version) or can include a logo and background color of your choice (standard version).

Multiple Interface Options - View N PayTM supports a variety of interface options and can include customized data import/export formats (Platinum Version Only). Real-time upload of invoice data is available through our standard payment gateway interface using XML or Name-Value Pair formatted data. Invoice data can also be uploaded in batch format from the Web-Based Administration System or by FTP.

Automated Payment Options - Your customers can configure their individual View N PayTM account to force manual payment after viewing the invoice, automatically pay the invoice when received by the View N PayTM system, or wait a period of time and automatically pay if the invoice has not been viewed. This feature is especially helpful when the customer wants to avoid a late payment charge because they were unable to view and pay the invoice manually.

Saves Payment Information - The system can automatically save multiple payment options, such as different credit cards or checking accounts, to be used for paying an invoice.

Account History - The View N PayTM system automatically saves a record of past invoices and payments so customers can review their historical account activity. This feature often avoids unnecessary customer support calls to your customer service representatives.

Search Features - A variety of search tools allow View N PayTM users to easily locate invoices and payment information within the system.

Custom Invoice Formats - Choose from a variety of pre-configured invoice formats (Standard Version) or customize the invoice to match your current paper invoices (Platinum Version).

Custom Message Formats - Choose from a variety of pre-configures e-mail messages (Standard Version) or configure your own e-mail messages (Platinum Version).

Fast - 99% of all transactions are processed in 3 seconds or less.

Reliable - AssureBuy has historical average availability of greater than 99.9%.

Secure - AssureBuy is one of only a select group of Visa certified PCI compliant payment gateways.

Multi-Currency Capabilities - View N PayTM can support authorization in multiple currencies with settlement in US Dollars. (This service is not supported on all processing networks.)

Supports Multiple Payment Types - The service is capable of processing all major payment types, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, JCB, Debit Cards, and ACH (electronic check) transactions.

Supports Multiple Processing Networks - Includes support most major processing networks, including FDC Nashville, FDMS South, Paymentech and TSYS Acquiring Solutions.

Automated Settlement - The service automatically settles all captured sales transactions and credits issued during a particular period and provides an easy-to-understand settlement reconciliation report.

Web-Based Access To Transactions - A real-time web-based transaction review system is included at no additional charge.

Free Support - E-mail support and telephone support during normal business hours is included at no charge.


For pricing information, call 1.800.684.4621 (United States) or +1.630.300.2374 (Outside the United States).

  1. Sign Up by calling 1.800.684.4621 (United States) or
    +1.630.300.2374 (Outside the United States). Or, if you are looking for a solution that integrates View N PayTM into your Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting system, see our View N PayTM Service for Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  2. Tell us about your merchant service provider. Or, Contact Us for a recommendation.
  3. Work with your dedicated AssureBuy account manager to set up and configure your View N PayTM system.
  4. Send test invoices to verify the system is configured properly.
  5. Begin accepting live payments and use the AssureBuy Web-Based Administration System to review transactions, download payments, and search in real-time.
  • 24 x 7 Telephone Support
  • ACH Transaction Processing
  • Payment Processing Audit
  • Web Hosting


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