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Payment Processing for Microsoft Small Business Financials FAQ

Other than licensing and installing your application, is there anything else that I need?

Yes. In order to use the AssureBuy Payment Processing application you will need a credit card processing merchant account. You may use an existing merchant account provided it is compatible with one of the many processing networks supported by AssureBuy. If you do not have an existing merchant account, AssureBuy can recommend one from our list of quality merchant processing partners.

How is the transaction information sent from Small Business Financials to my merchant account provider?

The transaction information is formatted and sent using the SSL encrypted TCP/IP protocol over an existing Internet connection to the AssureBuy Payment Gateway. The setup of your payment gateway account is included at no additional charge when you purchase an AssureBuy Payment Processing license.

Is the credit card information encrypted?

Yes. AssureBuy is a Visa PCI (Payment Card Industry) Certified provider of payment gateway services. This means that our products and services undergo a stringent security audit on an annual basis to ensure they meet high Visa standards for security and reliability. In addition to encrypting all credit card numbers, AssureBuy adheres to a strict security policy regarding the storage, transmission, and archiving of all cardholder information.

Are the credit card numbers entered into the AssureBuy Payment Processing window saved in the Small Business Financials customer record?

Yes, however AssureBuy does not automatically overwrite information that may already be on file. When the credit card number used on a particular transaction is different than the information already stored on the Small Business Financials customer record, a button will appear on the AssureBuy Transaction Processing window that will allow the user to manually update the customer information.

Will the AssureBuy Payment Processing application allow me to automatically use a credit card number that was used on a previous order?

Yes. When entering a transaction in the AssureBuy Payment Processing window, an expansion button is available that will open a window and display all of the credit card numbers previously used on a transaction by this customer. The user can then select any of the credit card numbers displayed and the credit card number and expiration date will automatically be filled in.

What types of payment transactions are supported?

The AssureBuy Payment Processing application supports credit card, debit card, and ACH (electronic check transactions). Please consult your Merchant Services provider to find out which transaction types are available to you.

Can I send my transactions in a batch at night instead of processing them one at a time during the day?

Yes. The AssureBuy Payment Processing application supports both real-time and batch processing of transactions. In the batch processing mode, transaction information is saved and all transactions in a particular batch are processed at once when the AssureBuy Batch Processing feature is executed. The application also supports real-time authorizations with nightly batch settlement of all orders that have been fulfilled and are ready for shipment.

Can I enter a credit card transaction that has been processed by another system?

Yes. A “bypass processing” feature is available that allows a previously processed transaction to be entered and recorded into the Small Business Financials application using the AssureBuy Transaction Processing window. This is especially helpful when remote personnel or offices process transactions using a different application, such as a dial-in terminal.

What credit card processing networks are supported by the AssureBuy Payment Processing application?

AssureBuy currently supports the processing of transactions on the First Data Nashville, First Data South, TSYS Acquiring Solutions, and Paymentech processing networks. New networks are being added on a regular basis. Please contact AssureBuy directly if your network is not on this list.

Do you support more than one merchant account for my business?

Yes. The AssureBuy Payment Processing application currently supports multiple merchant accounts for multiple companies using a variety of different currencies. Not all processing networks support multi-currency processing, so please contact your Merchant Services provider or AssureBuy for more information.

What language is the AssureBuy Payment Processing application written in?

The AssureBuy Payment Processing application is written exclusively in the native Small Business Financials Dexterity programming language and seamlessly integrates with all current releases of the product. No external applications or modules are required to operate the AssureBuy application

Does the AssureBuy Payment Processing application modify any existing Small Business Financials windows or databases when it is installed?

No. All of the AssureBuy functionality is built using add-on windows and exclusive database tables that do not conflict with any of the existing Small Business Financials window or databases. This allows the AssureBuy Payment Processing application to be installed and operated even if your company has made customizations to the existing Sales Order Processing, Invoicing, or Receivables Management modules.

Can I perform an authorization transaction first and then settle the transaction when I am ready to ship the order?

Yes. In fact, this is the preferred method for processing as outlined by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. The general processing flow includes an authorization (which verifies that the credit card number is valid and that enough funds are available for the transaction) when the order is entered, followed by a settlement transaction that should be processed when the order is fulfilled and ready to be shipped. The AssureBuy Payment Processing application includes a variety of operational switches that allow you to control how the payment processing integrates with your existing work flow.

How do I issue a credit for an invoice that has already been posted?

Credit card refund transactions for posted invoices can be entered using the “Return” function from either the Sales Transaction Entry window or the Receivables Transaction Entry window.

Can I use the AssureBuy Payment Processing application to accept a credit card payment against an existing open invoice?

Yes. The AssureBuy Payment Processing application is seamlessly integrated into the Receivables Management module, allowing a credit card payment to be processed and applied to any open invoice for a particular customer.

Does the AssureBuy Payment Processing application support Level II and Level III processing for corporate cards and purchasing cards?

Yes, the AssureBuy application supports the sending of Level II and Level III (line item detail) to the payment gateway and potentially on to the credit card processing network. This feature is necessary to ensure that you receive the lowest possible credit card processing rates when accepting corporate cards, business cards, or purchasing cards. Not all processing networks currently support Level II and Level III processing, so please contact your Merchant Services Provider or AssureBuy for more information.

Do I have the option of sending an e-mail to my customer when the transaction is processed?

Yes. The AssureBuy Payment Gateway, included with your AssureBuy Payment Processing license, has the ability to send e-mail receipts to customers when a credit card transaction is processed. Please contact AssureBuy for additional information regarding this and other optional features.

Other than the software license fee, are there any other ongoing charges or fees?

The AssureBuy Payment Processing license fee includes the setup of the AssureBuy Payment Gateway and the first year of maintenance and support. Thereafter, an annual maintenance and support fee is charged to allow your company access to new versions of the product and continued customer support. Use of the AssureBuy Payment Gateway requires a small monthly fee that varies by the number of transactions processed.

I also take orders from my web site. Can I use AssureBuy Payment Processing to process those transactions?

Yes. A Web Order Interface add-on product is available that will allow you to retrieve orders processed using the AssureBuy Payment Gateway. The Web Order Interface downloads transaction data from the payment gateway and combines it with existing order data that has been imported from the web site.

Many of my customers are asking if they can pay open invoices directly from my company web site. Does AssureBuy support this feature?

Yes. AssureBuy offers an online invoice payment application called View N Pay that seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft Small Business Financials accounting application. Using the View N Pay service, you can automatically post invoices to the View N Pay web site and allow your customers to log in and pay those invoices with a credit card or electronic check. Please contact AssureBuy for more information about View N Pay.