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For businesses that are looking for an easy way to get an e-Commerce site up and running quickly, AssureBuy's IntegriCharge® service provides a secure, complete and professional purchasing experience for its customers.

Using IntegriCharge®, your business eliminates the need to develop and integrate a costly order capture and processing system by adding a simple HTML link to AssureBuy on your web site. When a customer decides to make a purchase, or decides to complete the order when using a shopping cart application, the customer is transferred to a secure AssureBuy server to complete the transaction. The AssureBuy servers are used to collect and error-check the billing and shipping information, the payment information, and any other information necessary to complete the order. Once the order is completed, the customer receives a purchase confirmation by e-mail and you are automatically notified of the order.

The standard version of IntegriCharge® provides a common order processing interface with your logo and background color. Also included is the basic risk management service and the e-mail notification service. The Platinum version of IntegriCharge® seamlessly integrates with your existing web site so that your customers never feel they’ve been transferred to a third-party processing site by allowing all interaction with the customer, including web pages and e-mail confirmations, to be completely customizable to the exact specifications provided by you. The Platinum version also includes the advanced risk management service, tax and shipping calculations, and the e-mail notification service.

IntegriCharge® includes all of the typical AssureBuy Payment Gateway features, with the added benefit of a means to securely collect and validate the information entered by the buyer. All this is accomplished without the need to set up and maintain a secure server, without the need to purchase an SSL certificate, and without the need to install any additional software on your web server.


IntegriCharge® is a service that operates remotely on dedicated servers in a secure AssureBuy Data Center. There is no software that needs to be installed, configured or maintained at your business location. Here is a brief summary of how it works:

System Requirements

  • You will need to obtain a credit card merchant account capable of processing the types of transactions appropriate for your business. Learn More about merchant accounts by reading our FREE White Paper: Merchant Account Basics or Contact Us and we'll assist you in selecting a new merchant services provider.
  • You will need to design and develop the static web site that describes your business and the products you will be offering on your e-Commerce site. View the list of our Web Developer Partners if you need help. If you are looking for a solution that also allows you to control the customer purchasing experience, see our Payment Gateway service.

Setup and Integration

  • Sign Up for your IntegriCharge® account.
  • An AssureBuy account manager will assist you in linking your site to the IntegriCharge® system. Or, if you have purchased the Platinum version, AssureBuy will configure the IntegriCharge® system to seamlessly integrate with your existing web site.
  • Access the AssureBuy Web-Based Administration System and configure your Risk Management settings.


  • Test your IntegriCharge® system using the AssureBuy test environment.
  • Your dedicated AssureBuy account manager will configure the IntegriCharge® service to work with your specific merchant services provider and test the connection to verify that transactions are being processed correctly.
  • Perform a live transaction on each payment type you will be using and verify that the funds are deposited correctly into your business account.

Processing Your Payments

  • Your customer access your e-Commerce web site, views the product information and decides to make a purchase. They are automatically linked to IntegriCharge® where they enter their payment information and the transaction is processed.
  • The IntegriCharge® system checks the order for fraud, determines which processing network is required to authorize the transaction and routes the information accordingly. The response from the processing networks is returned and the appropriate result is displayed for the customer. The whole process typically takes 3 seconds or less.
  • The IntegriCharge® service sends a payment receipt by e-mail to the customer and notifies your business of the order.
  • Periodically, usually once per day, IntegriCharge® will forward all of the approved payment transactions to the appropriate network for settlement. The funds will usually show up in your business account within 48 to 72 hours, depending on the terms of your merchant processing agreement.

Reviewing the Transactions

  • All transaction information is available in real-time by accessing the AssureBuy Web-Based Administration System. Using this interface, designated users from your business can review payment transactions, review settlements, perform searches, and download payment information for import or analysis.

In Case of Trouble

  • AssureBuy provides a robust set of support tools and employs a highly trained staff of payment processing experts available to assist you by e-mail or telephone. See our Support Center for additional information.


Easy Integration - All that is required is a simple HTML link to the IntegriCharge® order pages. There is no need to purchase your own SSL certificate.

Customized Interface - The system can be customized to seamlessly integrate with an existing web site (Platinum version) or can include a logo and background color of your choice (standard version).

Fast - 99% of all transactions are processed in 3 seconds or less.

Reliable - AssureBuy has historical average availability of greater than 99.9%.

Secure - AssureBuy is one of only a select group of Visa certified PCI compliant payment gateways.

Risk Management - AssureBuy offers an optional proprietary Risk Management Service with nearly 40 built-in fraud detection filters.

E-Mail Notifications - IntegriCharge® automatically sends an e-mail receipt to the customer after the purchase is completed.

Tax Calculations - IntegriCharge® includes a variety of automated tax calculation mechanisms to assist in the collection of simple flat tax rates.

Shipping Calculations - IntegriCharge® includes a variety of shipping calculation methods that can automatically adding shipping charges to an order.

Digital Product Downloads - An optional add-on product allows electronic files, such as programs and documents, to be delivered automatically in real-time after an order is approved.

Shopping Cart Integration - IntegriCharge® includes an easy-to-use shopping cart interface that allows you to integrate an existing shopping cart to the order system.

Address Verification (AVS) - Support for the standard credit card address verification service is included at no additional charge.

Card Verification (CVV2/CVC2/CID) - Support for the standard card verification values is included at no additional charge.

Level 2/Level 3 Processing - Support for Level 2 and Level 3 line item detail for purchasing cards, corporate cards, and government cards is included at no additional charge. (This processing is not supported on all processing networks.)

Multi-Currency Capabilities - The payment gateway can support authorization in multiple currencies with settlement in US Dollars. (This service is not supported on all processing networks.)

Virtual Terminal - A web-based transaction processing terminal allows transactions to be manually entered and processed from the AssureBuy Web Based Administration System.

Recurring Billing - An optional service provide support for automated processing of period recurring payments.

Supports Multiple Payment Types - The service is capable of processing all major payment types, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, JCB, Debit Cards, and ACH (electronic check) transactions.

Supports Multiple Integration Platforms - The service can be integrated into all major operating platforms and environments, including Windows, Linux, Java, AIX, PERL, Sun Solaris, Mac OS, Cold Fusion, and Apache.

Supports Multiple Processing Networks - Includes support most major processing networks, including FDC Nashville, FDMS South, Paymentech and TSYS Acquiring Solutions.

Automated Settlement - The service automatically settles all captured sales transactions and credits issued during a particular period and provides an easy-to-understand settlement reconciliation report.

Web-Based Access To Transactions - A real-time web-based transaction review system is included at no additional charge.

Free Support - E-mail support and telephone support during normal business hours is included at no charge.


For pricing information, call 1.800.684.4621 (United States) or +1.630.300.2374 (Outside the United States).

  1. Sign Up by calling 1.800.684.4621 (United States) or
    +1.630.300.2374 (Outside the United States). Or, if you are looking for a solution that gives you control over the purchase experience, sign up for our Payment Gateway service.
  2. Tell us about your merchant service provider. Or, Contact Us for a recommendation.
  3. Work with your dedicated AssureBuy account manager to set up your link to IntegriCharge.
  4. Run your test transactions to verify your link is working properly.
  5. Begin processing live transactions and use the AssureBuy Web-Based Administration System to review and search in real-time.
  • 24 x 7 Telephone Support
  • Advanced Risk Management
  • Recurring Billing
  • Shopping Cart Service
  • Digital Product Download
  • ACH Transaction Processing
  • Payment Processing Audit
  • Web Hosting


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