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Risk Management System Risk management and fraud prevention is an extremely important function in any business, but is exponentially more difficult to monitor and control given the widespread use of networking technologies, such as the Internet and wireless communications. AssureBuy's Risk Management Service is the result of many years of Internet related transaction and payment processing experience and is designed specifically to assist a business in identifying potentially fraudulent customer transactions. Balancing fraud prevention and customer retention can be a precarious task for any business to manage.

Risk Management System If your fraud prevention techniques are too restrictive, you will drive customers away. On the other hand, if your fraud prevention techniques are too permissive, you face the prospect of lost revenue, lost merchandise and chargeback fees. In some cases, businesses with a high rate of fraud can face thousands of dollars in fines and be faced with the possibility of losing the ability to process credit cards. A business must therefore be able to strike a balance between preventing fraud and retaining valuable customers. AssureBuy recognizes this dilemma and has designed its risk management service specifically with these issues in mind.

Risk Management System AssureBuy's Risk Management Service is based on the concept of flexible information. Since the methods used in payment fraud are constantly changing, our risk management service has the unique ability to change when each new fraud method is identified. Rather than using a simple scoring method, AssureBuy utilizes a proprietary set of rules that concentrates on validating the entire order, not just a single piece of information. Transaction details are tested not only for the information provided by the customer, but are also compared against lists of historical order data that has previously been used on fraudulent transactions. With this type of fraud prevention, not every business is treated in exactly the same way. Each AssureBuy customer has the option of configuring the fraud settings to accommodate the unique needs of their business. For example, an Internet business whose customers are located throughout the world, may want to look more closely at the e-mail address, IP address, or type of product being purchased. However, a more conventional mail order or retail business might focus on the actual payment method, card number, or size of the transaction. The AssureBuy Risk Management Service is flexible enough to adapt to both of these business needs with the key to this flexibility being AssureBuy's proprietary filtering technology.

The AssureBuy Risk Management Service combines inherent knowledge of overall potential risk and learned knowledge from your business. You are in control of configuring the fraud tools specifically to the source and level of risk associated with your business, while making considerations for the type of product being sold, the profile of your customer, the amount of a typical transaction and the delivery method.


The AssureBuy Risk Management Service is available as an add-on feature to all AssureBuy payment services and operates as an integrated component to each. Here is a brief summary of how it works:

System Requirements

  • Sign Up for one of the AssureBuy services, such as the Payment Gateway or IntegriCharge®, and add the AssureBuy Risk Management Service.

Setup and Integration

Risk Management System
  • Whenever a transaction is processed, the risk management service is automatically invoked.
  • When a transaction is flagged by one or more active watch codes, the offending codes are evaluated and ranked according to a set of pre-configured criteria. Depending on the particular set of watch codes that apply, a specific action (such as continue processing, hold, or decline) is applied to the transaction.
  • A list of the offending watch codes is attached to the transaction and may be reviewed by a designated fraud specialist.
  • Transactions that are placed on "hold" may be processed once the transaction details have been reviewed.
  • When a transaction does not trigger any of the specified watch codes, the transaction is forwarded on for processing.

In Case of Trouble

  • AssureBuy provides a robust set of support tools and employs a highly trained staff of payment processing experts available to assist you by e-mail or telephone. See our Support Center for additional information.

All of the AssureBuy Risk Management features can be configured and maintained from within the Web-Based Administration System, available to all AssureBuy customers.

Basic Service
The Basic risk management service consists of the following features:

  • Restricted credit card screening.
  • Restricted e-mail address screening.
  • Restricted IP address screening.
  • Transaction amount screening.
  • Restricted e-mail domains.
  • Too many orders from the same IP address.
  • Too many orders from the same credit card number.

Advanced Service
The Advanced risk management service consists of the following features:

  • Matching values for address and city.
  • Invalid phone number area code.
  • Cardholder does not match billing name.
  • Restricted city screening.
  • Restricted company screening.
  • Restricted country screening.
  • Matching values for city and postal code.
  • Matching values for first name and last name.
  • Free e-mail account screening.
  • Number of items ordered exceeds limit.
  • E-Mail domain verification.
  • Item quantity exceeds limit.
  • Matching values for address and last name.
  • Invalid name configuration.
  • Restricted customer name screening.
  • High risk product screening.
  • Restricted customer number screening.
  • Shipping method screening.
  • Invalid city, state, postal code combination.
  • Restricted ordering window.
  • Invalid phone number format.
  • Shipping address is PO box.
  • Restricted quantity on an item.
  • Restricted word screening.
  • Too many orders for same billing address.
  • Too many orders for same shipping address.
  • Too many orders for same IP range ... and more.
  1. Sign Up for one of the AssureBuy payment processing services.
  2. Identify the users that require access to the Administration System.
  3. Access the AssureBuy Web-Based Administration System to configure your risk management settings.

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