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Payment Processing Audit

Do you know if you're overpaying for your credit card transactions?

Don't assume that the fees you see on your monthly merchant statement match the rates quoted in your original merchant services agreement. Each year, merchants pay $millions in overcharges from downgraded transactions. A downgrade occurs when a transaction is not processed according to the exact specifications outlined by the merchant processor and the acquiring bank. When a transaction is downgraded, the fees you pay go up... sometimes as much as 100 basis points, or 1 percent. Here is a small sample of the situations that may cause a transaction to be downgraded:

  • Batches are not closed on a daily basis.
  • Retail merchants manually entering transactions instead of swiping the card.
  • Mail Order, Phone Order, or Internet Order merchants not using AVS.
  • Capturing transactions without a previously approved authorization.
  • Capturing a different amount than was previously authorized.
  • Capturing a transaction when the authorization has expired - typically 3 days.
  • Not sending Level II/III data on business cards and purchasing cards.

AssureBuy has successfully saved its clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in processing fees annually by performing a simple payment processing audit that identifies the extent to which your processing fees are affected by downgrades and outlines specific actions that can be taken to decrease and even eliminate those extra fees.

Basic Payment Processing Audit

Simply supply us with a copy of the three most recent monthly processing statements and the name and phone number of your merchant services provider. AssureBuy will perform a basic payment processing audit and provide you with a one-page analysis report that outlines our findings. The report will compare your audit results with actual industry averages to help you determine whether or not you should make changes in the way you currently process transactions.

Deluxe Payment Processing Audit

AssureBuy's deluxe payment processing audit includes a comprehensive enterprise-wide review of all aspects of your payment processing activities, including:

  • Review of merchant processing relationships.
  • Review of payment processing systems and software.
  • Review of payment processing procedures and techniques.
  • Review of basic security requirements.
  • Review of processing fees and downgraded transactions.

The results of our on-site audit will be delivered in a written report that outlines all of the auditor's findings and recommendations for your organization.


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