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Web-based Administration SystemThe AssureBuy Web-Based Administration System allows AssureBuy customers to securely access and review transaction information and change system configuration settings in real-time using a standard web browser. Depending on the amount of detail provided with each transaction, users may view customer information, shipping information, product information, payment information, address verification results, CVV results, fraud system warnings, user-defined values and a variety of other transaction related details. Based on the access level assigned, users may also view and process pending orders and un-captured authorizations, enter and process orders using the virtual terminal feature, resubmit declined transactions, issue refunds and research suspicious or fraudulent transactions.

Web-based Administration System Each AssureBuy customer is allowed to establish users based on the level of access required to perform their particular job function and each user is assigned a unique User ID and password for the system. Some users may have view-only and search rights while others may be able to process transactions and issue refunds. Users with maintenance or administrator rights will also be able to configure and maintain the risk management features, change company information, adjust processing configurations and view and pay AssureBuy invoices. Only users with processor or administrator rights are allowed to view sensitive payment information, such as credit card and bank account numbers.

Web-based Administration System The AssureBuy Administration system provides the most robust search utility of any payment gateway in the industry. Users are able to locate orders and transactions by searching on order number, date, credit card number, customer name, customer number, e-mail address, transaction amount, payment type, transaction type, result, settlement date, batch ID, reference number, product number, product category, IP address, and any combination of these items. Results can be sorted by date, order number or customer and can be returned in HTML format, ACSII delimited format (tab or comma), or as a downloadable file. A variety of reports allow users to view order notifications, obtain information for disputes and chargebacks, print credit statements, and review daily deposit information. Users may also re-send or re-print order notifications and customer e-mail confirmations.


The Web-Based Administration System is a service that is available to all AssureBuy customers. It operates remotely on dedicated servers in a secure AssureBuy Data Center and is accessible anytime using a standard web browser. There is no software that needs to be installed, configured or maintained at your business location. Here is a brief summary of how it works:

System Requirements

  • There are no prerequisites required other than becoming an AssureBuy customer and using one of our payment processing services, such as the Payment Gateway, IntegriCharge®, View N PayTM, or AssureBuy Payment Processing for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Setup and Integration

  • Users are identified during the sign-up process or can be added later. Each user is assigned a unique User ID and password.
  • Each user will need to be assigned one of the four system access levels: view-only, maintenance, processor, or administrator.

  • From AssureBuy's Web Site, select the Client Login link in the upper right corner of the page or point your web browser to
  • User training is available. Speak to your dedicated account representative for more details.

In Case of Trouble

  • AssureBuy provides a robust set of support tools and employs a highly trained staff of payment processing experts available to assist you by e-mail or telephone. See our Support Center for additional information.

For Payment Gateway Users - You will be able to review transaction information, process orders, issue refunds, locate transactions using the search utility and view a variety of transaction processing reports.

For IntegriCharge® Users - You will have all the same features assigned to payment gateway users and also be able to configure product pricing, tax calculations and shipping rates.

For View N PayTM Users - You will have all the same features assigned to payment gateway users and also be able to upload invoices, download payments, and manage customer accounts.

For Microsoft Dynamics Product Suite Users - You will be able to review transaction information, process orders, issue refunds, locate transactions using the search utility and view a variety of transaction processing reports.

For Partners - You will be able to set up and review customer accounts, view customer processing activity, and review commissions and payment history.


For pricing information, call 1.800.684.4621 (United States) or +1.630.300.2374 (Outside the United States).

  1. Sign Up for one of the AssureBuy payment processing services.
  2. Identify the users that require access to the Administration System.
  3. Speak with your dedicated account representative about training for your users.
  4. Begin processing live transactions and use the AssureBuy Web-Based Administration System to review and search in real-time.

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